Key Features

  • Long detection range (up to 185 m)
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Various beam options for optimized field of view
  • High refresh rate (up to 100 Hz)
  • Proven reliability both indoors and outdoors
  • Outstanding robustness and no moving parts

Horizontal and Vertical Configurations

Available in various vertical and horizontal configurations that can be adapted to different mechanical design requirements, Leddar Vu8 solid-state LiDARs offer flexible integration into your application.


Small in size and light in weight, Leddar Vu8 is a choice sensor for commercial drone and UAV applications. Thanks to their unmatched cost-performance ratio, Leddar Vu8 modules are also a popular solution for vehicle automation and safety solutions.

To learn more about LiDAR fundamentals, visit Why LiDAR.

Drones and UAVs

  • Altimetry
  • Collision avoidance

Trucks and Buses

  • Vehicle automation
  • Collision avoidance

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