Key Features

  • Enables object detection and tracking
  • 100% solid-state design
  • Fanless IP67 enclosure
  • Best-in-class shock and vibration resistance
  • Wide operating temperature range
  • Automotive-grade connectors


Leddar Pixell Detects and Protects

Leddar Pixell is a 3D flash LiDAR with a 180-degree field of view specifically designed for ADAS and autonomous driving applications. The Leddar Pixell provides highly reliable detection and tracking of pedestrians, cyclists and other obstacles in the vehicle’s vicinity and is ideal for use in perception platforms that are meant to ensure the safety and protection of vulnerable road users (VRUs).

The robust, solid-state Pixell compensates for the limitations of mechanical scanning LiDARs used for geopositioning which generate blind areas that can reach several meters. The Pixell enables a comprehensive detection “cocoon” that surrounds the vehicle to provide complete blind spot coverage without dead zone in the illuminated field of view.

Leddar Pixell has already been adopted by leading autonomous vehicle providers in North America and Europe and is available today for commercial deployments. The Pixell was recognized as a CES Innovation Award Honoree in 2020 and has received the “Outstanding & Innovative Product Award” by the Shenzhen Automotive Electronics Industry Association.

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The Most Robust 3D LiDAR

Successfully Tested Against Key Industry Requirements

Designed from the ground up for operation in the harshest mobility environments, the heavy-duty Leddar Pixell outperforms all other LiDAR solutions on the market today. Our sensor underwent a battery of independent lab tests and complies with demanding industry standards for resistance to shock, vibration and dust. The robust Leddar Pixell LiDAR delivers superior lifespan and reliability for your ADAS/AD application.

Table of Leddar Pixell LiDAR industry standards and compliance

“Safety is our priority, and that is why we use the Leddar Pixell. With more than a decade of experience building LiDAR sensors, LeddarTech is the perfect partner for us and has consistently shown it could exceed our expectations.”

Pierre Lefevre, Chief Technology Officer, COAST Autonomous


From On-Road to Off-Road Applications

Deployments of detection systems on any type of vehicle require highly durable technologies to ensure high MTBF and to minimize downtime and operational expenditures, all the while ensuring reliable and secure vehicle operation.

Based on a robust, 100% solid-state LiDAR design, the heavy-duty Leddar Pixell LiDAR delivers superior lifespan, which makes it ideally suited for ADAS and autonomous vehicle deployments in any operating domain, including public transit, commercial delivery, long-haul trucking, construction, mining and military.

The Pixell uniquely answers the needs for comprehensive detection and ranging systems in vehicles transiting at inner-city speed and performing frequent stop-and-go operations such as autonomous shuttles, delivery vehicles or robotaxis. The Pixell also provides a highly efficient detection solution to cover blind spots and to enable automation on large commercial vehicles such as trucks and buses as well as on off-road vehicles of any size.


Leddar Pixell Target Markets

“If you keep the scanning LiDAR perspective, you are simply missing the key point of the Leddar Pixell. It relies on flash technology; (…) the entire field of view is actually sampled. We have no more blind spots, which brings an important insight. We are now able to sense and detect narrow and small objects such as ropes or cables. Our lab experiments confirmed this major difference.”
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Yohan Dupuis, Head of Innovation, Research and Development, ESIGELEC

Comprehensive Dataset Now Available

The First Full-Waveform Flash LiDAR Dataset for Autonomous Vehicle R&D

Leddar PixSet is a new, publicly available dataset for autonomous driving research and development that contains data from a full autonomous vehicle (AV) sensor suite (cameras, LiDARs, radar, IMU), and includes full-waveform data from the Leddar Pixell 3D flash LiDAR sensor. PixSet dataset provides an opportunity for 3D computer vision to go beyond usual LiDAR point clouds with a full-waveform LiDAR dataset.

Using the dataset, developers can unleash the potential of full-waveform flash LiDAR. Experiment and develop new solutions with this comprehensive AV sensor dataset and discover the power of Leddar Pixell’s flash LiDAR technology.

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