LeddarTech Launches its LiDAR Technology R&D Centre in Toronto

LeddarTech, a Quebec City-based organization that has been expanding globally with the opening of R&D facilities focusing on LiDAR technology for automotive and mobility applications, held its grand opening of the Toronto Automotive Centre of Excellence facility on May 2nd, 2019.

This Centre is an integral part of LeddarTech’s continued global growth strategy and accommodates a team of automotive industry experts actively contributing to LeddarTech’s solid-state LiDAR platform for automotive and mobility applications. The team is dedicated to enabling active safety and autonomous driving solutions that meet ISO 26262 compliance. The core expertise of the group includes, namely, artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, and ADAS systems. The team has significant experience in delivering software system solutions that can be found today in several premium passenger car brands.

“The senior automotive experts in our Toronto facility bring with them valuable experience and know-how in developing automotive-grade solutions that meet the industry’s stringent functional safety requirements,” stated Antonio Polo, LeddarTech’s Vice-President of Engineering. Mr. Polo continued, “This new expertise also supports our long-term technology development roadmap and enhances the organization’s capability to support our customers’ LiDAR solution requirement through the integration of our unique LeddarEngine™ for autonomous driving applications.”

Guests of the Grand Opening were welcomed by LeddarTech’s CEO Charles Boulanger and members of the Toronto Automotive Centre of Excellence:

They also had the opportunity to attend a greeting address from Michael Parsa, MPP for Aurora, Oak Ridges, and Richmond Hill and Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Economic Development, Job Creation and Trade:

The Automotive Parts Manufacturer’s Association (APMA) was also present amongst the many other dignitaries of the municipal, provincial and federal governments. Warren Ali, Vice-president – Innovation at the APMA, delivered a compelling speech outlining the power of Canada’s burgeoning automotive technology industry, and LeddarTech’s pivotal role in driving forward innovation in the sector.

Guests of the Grand Opening were then invited to view live demonstrations of LeddarTech’s innovative LiDAR technology, and to network and discuss the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning in LiDAR and autonomous vehicles.


Driving Toward Growth

The expansion into the Greater Toronto Area is another step in LeddarTech’s rapid growth. Over the past nine months, the company has opened several sales and research & development facilities throughout Europe, the US, China, and Canada. Toronto is our largest R&D facility outside of Quebec.

LeddarTech® plans to grow its presence in the Greater Toronto Area and is actively recruiting for additional system engineers to contribute to the development of its solid-state LiDAR platform.



More About the APMA

The APMA is Canada’s national association representing OEM producers of parts, equipment, tools, supplies, advanced technology, and services for the worldwide automotive industry. The APMA represents 90% of parts production with over $35 billion in sales and 96,000 skilled people.

Pierre Olivier, Chief Technology Officer at LeddarTech, will join a panel discussion on Intelligent Mobility at APMA’s connectTEC Conference – The In.tel.li.gent Network. The APMA event aspires to bring together Canada’s Leaders in Auto, ICT, Industry, and Infrastructure to discuss the challenges and identify the opportunities that lie ahead for Canadian manufacturers. Mr. Olivier’s focus will be on communicating the impact of LiDAR Technology for automotive and mobility AD applications.

LeddarTech is a member of the APMA and a proud sponsor of the connectTEC Conference.