Leddar™ Pixell

Cocoon LiDAR for Autonomous Vehicles

Introducing Leddar Pixell, the 3D solid-state LiDAR enabling detection cocoons in autonomous shuttles, ADVs, commercial vehicles and robotaxis, providing dependable object and vulnerable road user detection as well as exceptional durability.

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Leddar™ Sight

The Robust, Affordable 2D Solid-State LiDAR for Challenging Environments

Leddar Sight is a cost-effective 2D solid-state LiDAR housed in a weatherproof enclosure that uses flash illumination to deliver continuous, accurate detection and range of objects and obstacles in its entire field of view, without any moving parts. Leddar Sight has been developed to answer the stringent needs of mobility, ITS and industrial system developers for reliable, durable LiDAR sensing in the most challenging environments.

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Leddar™ M16

16-Segment Solid-State LiDAR Sensor Modules

The Leddar M16 sensor modules are advanced, solid-state LiDAR solutions that combine wide-beam flash illumination with 16 independent detection segments to simultaneously deliver rapid, continuous and precise detection and ranging for multiple objects along with excellent lateral discrimination.

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Ledar Vu8 LiDR Module

Leddar™ Vu8

8-Segment Solid-State LiDAR Sensor Module

Leddar Vu8 is an affordable, versatile solid-state LiDAR sensor module that delivers exceptional detection and ranging performance in a small, robust package. Leddar Vu8 modules provide the ability to detect and track multiple objects simultaneously over eight distinct segments with superior lateral discrimination capabilities.

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LedarOne LiDAR Module


Single-Segment LiDAR Sensor Module

The LeddarOne sensor module is dedicated to single-point detection and precise distance measurements. This low-cost module integrates patented Leddar digital signal processing technology for reliable performance at distance ranges up to 40 m.

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Leddar™ T16

Solid-State LiDAR Traffic Sensor

Packaged in a weatherproof housing, the powerful Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor is specifically designed for traffic management systems—from city to highway applications. It offers cost-efficient and highly accurate vehicle detection for various intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications, such as free-flow electronic tolling, traffic monitoring and traffic law enforcement.

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LedarOne LiDAR Module

Leddar™ IS16

Industrial Solid-State LiDAR Sensor

Specifically designed for the industrial market, the Leddar IS16 is a robust, multi-segment flash LiDAR sensor that delivers consistent performance and reliability in the harshest conditions. With its weather-resistant enclosure, this solid-state LiDAR is perfectly suited to both outdoor and indoor applications.

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Leddar™ d-tec System

Advanced Above-Ground Stop-Bar Detection System

The Leddar d-tec is a LiDAR-based stop-bar detection system offering advanced sensing capabilities for traffic light management. Compiling data at a rate of thousands of times per second, the Leddar d-tec provides accurate and reliable detection of all types of traffic (vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians) in all weather and lighting conditions. This above-ground traffic detection solution, which includes sensor units and controller cards that communicate directly with the light control unit, is the perfect alternative to legacy induction loop detectors.

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