Key Features

  • Robust solid-state flash LiDAR design
  • Measurement rate of 200 Hz for high-speed vehicle detection
  • Fully IP addressable; Single Cat 5e Ethernet cable
  • IP67 weatherproof enclosure
  • Detection range up to 50 m
  • Integrated video sensor with Pan & Tilt actuator (“Traffic” configuration)


The Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor leverages LeddarTech’s patented Leddar digital signal processing technology, which provides superior detection, location and measurement capabilities for all types of traffic, including vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists. The Leddar T16 measures both the distance and angular positioning for each detected target. Its collected data enables the development of advanced ITS functionalities, such as vehicle profiling, camera trigger, speed measurement and traffic data collection.

Benefits for Traffic Applications

– Detection of all types of vehicles, including bicycles and pedestrians
– Reliable detection in any environmental conditions
– Fast installation on current infrastructure
– Quick and easy configuration
– Remote access configuration and monitoring
– Scalable solution covering multiple ITS applications

Benefits for e-Tolling Applications

– High measurement rate enabling free-flow vehicle profiling and classification
– Diffuse beam delivering higher detection rates over specular surfaces
– Lower maintenance cost compared to mechanical LiDARs
– Ability to capture small vehicle details at high speed, such as hitches
– Ability to distinguish between tailgating vehicles
– Multiple optical configurations offered to address specific requirements

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Vehicle, pedestrian and bicycle detection
  • Vehicle profiling
  • Traffic data collection
  • Speed measurement


Thanks to its robust solid-state design, the Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor provides high reliability and reduces maintenance costs compared to mechanical scanning LiDARs. Housed in a resistant and weatherproof casing (IP67 Ingress Protection), the Leddar T16 traffic sensor is built for year-round operation over a very wide temperature range. It uses industry-standard Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection, with the same cabling providing both power and data communication to the sensor, thereby reducing installation costs.

With its above-ground installation, the Leddar T16 is designed to be rapidly integrated with current traffic infrastructure. The optional onboard image sensor allows the Leddar T16 to easily be configured remotely, providing rapid alignment with desired detection areas and simplifying maintenance operations.

To learn more about LiDAR fundamentals, visit Why LiDAR.


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