Product Highlights

  • 100% solid-state
  • High MTBF
  • Meets stringent shock and vibration standards
  • IP69 rated, impact-resistant enclosure
  • High EMC standards
  • Wide operating temperature range

Robust, Reliable, Affordable Performance

Unmatched Robustness for the Most Demanding Environments

Based on the field-proven reliability of our Leddar M16 2D flash LiDAR module family, the Leddar Sight leverages a 100% solid-state design and is built without any moving parts for ultimate robustness. Tested for shock and vibration to meet the requirements of the most demanding commercial and industrial applications, Leddar Sight features a weatherproof casing (IP69) that resists dust ingress, immersion and pressurized water streams.

Accelerated Path to Commercial Deployment

The Leddar Sight 2D flash LiDAR adds sensing intelligence into almost any mobility application such as autonomous navigation, obstacle detection, collision avoidance, precision maneuvering, ITS and more. Thanks to its robust enclosure, M12 connector and various FoV options, the sensor can be rapidly integrated into prototypes and used to collect field data for software development and is available in volume today to customers, system integrators and resellers for commercial deployments.

Reliable LiDAR Sensing Made More Affordable

The Leddar Sight relies on a patented, highly optimized flash LiDAR technology that provides reliable detection of objects and obstacles at a fraction of the cost of mechanical scanning LiDARs. This robust, affordable sensor enables the development and commercialization of efficient collision avoidance and detection applications at a more competitive price point.

Featured Applications

     Industrial and Off-Road Vehicles

     Autonomous Mobile Robotics