Key Features

  • Multilane stop bar detection with 16 segments per d-tec
  • Detection range up to 75 m
  • Reliable detection in all weather and lighting conditions
  • Rapid above-ground installation onto existing infrastructure
  • Integrated video sensor with Pan & Tilt actuator
  • Remote access configuration and monitoring

Fast Installation and Configuration

With its above-ground installation, the Leddar d-tec system is a non-intrusive solution designed to be rapidly and seamlessly integrated with current traffic infrastructure, without the need to install additional mounting poles. Its on-board camera also enables quick remote configuration.

It only takes a few hours to install a complete intersection (2-4 hours for a typical setup) and as little as 15 minutes to configure. The onboard camera allows the Leddar d-tec to easily be configured remotely. The video feed, transmitted back to the traffic operations center (TOC), enables rapid alignment with desired detection areas and also simplifies maintenance operations.

To learn more about LiDAR fundamentals, visit Why LiDAR.

Built to Last

Thanks to its robust solid-state design with no moving parts, the solid-state LiDAR sensor used by the d-tec provides high reliability and reduced maintenance costs compared with mechanical scanning LiDARs. Housed in a resistant casing delivering IP67 Ingress Protection, these LiDAR sensors are built for year-round operation over a very wide range of temperatures.


The Leddar d-tec system is used primarily as an above-ground stop-bar detection solution that is part of a comprehensive automated traffic light management system. The system is offered in various configurations with ranges up to 75 m to satisfy the most demanding traffic management requirements.

With its advanced traffic detection capabilities, robust design, cost efficiency, and simple installation and maintenance, the Leddar d-tec is the stop-bar detection system that truly meets today’s traffic management performance requirements.

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Stop-bar sensor
  • Traffic detection
  • Traffic light management

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