Key Features

  • IP67 weather-resistant enclosure
  • LCD and binary output configurations available
  • 16 independent detection segments
  • Detection range up to 50 m
  • 45° horizontal field of view
  • Proven reliability in harsh conditions


The ruggedized Leddar IS16 is specifically designed for deployments in harsh indoor and outdoor industrial environments. This module is frequently used on industrial and construction vehicles to detect obstacles or pedestrians and as a temporary or permanent roadside traffic-data collection device.

To learn more about LiDAR fundamentals, visit Why LiDAR.

ITS - Intelligent Transportation Systems

  • Vehicle detection
  • Traffic data
  • Speed measurement

Trucks and Buses

  • Collision avoidance

Presence Detection Mode

The IS16 software includes Presence Detection mode PNP/NPN, which enables outputs to be set based on the presence of objects within configured detection zones (two zones; one per output). Thanks to the Teach Configuration feature, it is possible to define the perimeter of the sensor’s surroundings as a detection zone. In Quick mode, a near limit and far limit can be easily configured to quickly define zones. Alternatively, zones can also be configured manually in Advanced mode, with the option to set near and far limits for each segment or to deactivate unwanted segments.


Raw Measurements Mode

The IS16 provides the capability to acquire and log all measurements from all segments in real time through the RS-485 link. Each measurement generates a calculation for the distance of the detected object, the index of the segment it was detected in and the intensity of the measurement (an indication of how much light was reflected off the object and captured by the sensor).

IS16 - les deux modes
IS16 - Control Panel

Optional Control Panel

The Leddar IS16 sensor comes with an optional LCD display equipped with four buttons that can be used to configure or reconfigure the sensor or to monitor ongoing operations.

“With over a decade of expertise in LiDAR technology and developing solutions based on their LeddarEngine, LeddarTech is the perfect partner for us to meet the needs of our diverse customer base.”

Chris Passmore, Director of Technologies, Flodraulic

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