Leading-edge sensing technologies such as flash LiDAR play a major role in making intelligent transportation systems (ITS) more efficient and in improving the protection of vulnerable road users. Comprehensive sensor systems are being used to detect vehicles, pedestrians or cyclists in order to monitor and optimize many aspects of road traffic in real time. Such solutions include electronic toll collection (ETC), speed monitoring and enforcement, vehicle profiling, automatic license plate recognition (ALPR), automated traffic light and pedestrian crossing management, to name a few.

Above-ground detection solutions are favored over in-pavement detection loops for their ease of installation and maintenance. Highly reliable flash LiDARs based on solid-state designs are delivering range, performance and all-weather reliability at a much lower cost and with a higher MTBF than mechanical scanning LiDARs, and provide significantly improved detection rates and accuracy over other sensor types such as cameras or radars.

Flash LiDAR Benefits for
ITS Applications

  • Detects all static and moving objects, people and vehicles
  • Wide field of view and rich spatial awareness
  • Simultaneous discrimination of multiple objects
  • Easy to install, no sensor calibration needed
  • Unaffected by changing or extreme light conditions
  • High reliability in challenging conditions (harsh weather, noise, vibration, wind, dust…)
  • Very low maintenance, high MTBF
  • No image capture, eliminating privacy concerns

Featured Applications

Electronic Toll Collection (ETC, or E-Tolling)

Solid-state LiDAR is a versatile sensing technology that can be integrated into automated systems to enable ETC applications. The above-ground LiDAR sensors can be placed on highway and road gantries, effectively replacing traditional toll booths. As part of a free-flow e-tolling system, the LiDARs detect all incoming vehicles in every lane, triggering automated license plate recognition (ALPR) systems that feed the data to automated toll-collection systems. The most sophisticated LiDAR-based systems can also provide advanced vehicle profiling and measurement capabilities.

Featured Products:
Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor
Leddar M16 Solid-State LiDAR Module

Vehicle Measurement and Profiling

Data collected by Leddar™ sensors can be used to profile vehicles of all shapes and sizes thanks to the sensors’ ability to measure several detection segments with high sampling rates in a given field of view. This provides the ability to estimate the dimensions and shapes of fast-moving vehicles, and subsequently classify them or validate their characteristics according to application-defined criteria. Leddar sensors can therefore be used to design high-performance, cost-effective systems requiring advanced vehicle profiling for classification by size and type in a variety of ITS applications, including free-flow e-tolling, gated access control systems and clearance warning solutions.

Featured Products:
Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor
Leddar M16 Solid-State LiDAR Module

WHITE PAPER – Using Flash Solid-State LiDAR Technology to Achieve Better Vehicle Profiling in E-Tolling Applications

Advanced Traffic Monitoring

With excellent lateral positioning and object discrimination within the field of view, Leddar sensors compile measurements at a rate of hundreds of times per second to accurately locate vehicles and objects of all sizes, including bicycles, motorcycles and pedestrians. Robust signal processing ensures consistent detection in all environmental conditions for efficient year-round traffic management.

Leddar-based traffic management systems provide accurate stop bar functionalities and advanced vehicle detection. Installed on above-ground fixtures such as existing traffic-light posts, they efficiently replace traditional induction loop sensors.

Featured Products:
Leddar d-tec Stop-Bar Detection System

Case Study:
Improved Traffic Management Efficiency With Leddar d-tec

Speed Measurement and Enforcement

A single Leddar sensor can provide single-point speed measurements with a very small margin of error and discriminate multiple vehicles within its field of view. This makes the sensors very efficient for speed enforcement solutions.

Two-point average speed measurement systems can also be developed using two Leddar sensors that detect vehicles at entry and exit points over a given distance, enabling calculation of average speed. The LiDAR can also serve as a trigger for an external camera-based ALPR to capture each vehicle’s license plate. Such systems enable average speed calculation with a 3 km/h accuracy margin for vehicles traveling up to 250 km/h.

Featured Products:
Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor
Leddar M16 Solid-State LiDAR Module

Featured Application Note
Reliable Speed Enforcement Solutions Enabled by Flash LiDAR Technology

Pedestrian Crossing Automation

Intelligent pedestrian crossing using LiDAR sensing solutions is being deployed on busy city roads and in areas with more vulnerable pedestrians such as schools, hospitals and retirement homes.

With excellent detection rates and precise spatial positioning independent of lighting conditions, flash LiDAR is used to identify the presence of pedestrians in a specific area beside the road or sidewalks to automatically trigger the pedestrian crossing system. These robust, highly reliable sensors are also used to complement the fixed-timer systems to dynamically monitor the progress of pedestrians engaged in the crossing path, making sure that vehicles will not be given a green light until the road is clear.

Featured Products:
Leddar Vu8 Solid-State LiDAR Module
Leddar M16 Solid-State LiDAR Module


Featured Products

  • Leddar T16


      Highway/City Traffic Sensor

      Packaged in a weather-resistant housing, the powerful Leddar T16 Traffic Sensor is specifically designed for traffic management and tolling systems–from city to highway applications. It offers cost-efficient and highly accurate vehicle detection for various intelligent transportation system (ITS) applications, such as free-flow electronic tolling, traffic monitoring and traffic law enforcement.

      Product Page

  • Leddar d-tec


      Advanced Above-Ground Stop-Bar Detection System

      The Leddar d-tec is a LiDAR-based stop-bar detection system offering advanced sensing capabilities for traffic light management. Compiling data at a rate of thousands of times per second, it provides accurate and reliable detection of all types of traffic (vehicles, bicycles, motorcycles, pedestrians…) in all weather and lighting conditions. This above-ground traffic detection solution is the perfect alternative to legacy induction loop detectors.

      Product Page

  • Leddar M16


      16-Segment 2D Solid-State LiDAR Modules

      The Leddar M16 Sensor Modules are advanced, solid-state LiDAR solutions that combine wide-beam flash illumination with 16 independent detection segments to simultaneously deliver rapid, continuous and precise detection and ranging for multiple objects along with excellent lateral discrimination.

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  • Leddar Vu8


      8-Segment 2D Solid-State LiDAR Module

      Leddar Vu8 is an affordable, versatile solid-state LiDAR sensor module that delivers exceptional detection and ranging performance in a small, robust package. Leddar Vu8 modules provide the ability to detect and track multiple objects simultaneously over eight distinct segments with superior lateral discrimination capabilities.

      Product Page

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